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5 Tools To Help You Plan Your New Fence

5 Tools To Help You Plan Your New Fence

Tools To Help You Plan Your New Fence 16June

Putting up a new fence requires much more than meets the eye; otherwise, what was to be a smooth-running project can quickly get complicated. The odds are higher if it is your first fence installation and you do not have a professional to guide you.

Luckily, you can avoid unnecessary hiccups by having a proper plan and getting the right tools for the job. To ensure you are well prepared, here are 5 tools to help plan your new fence.

1.Measuring tape

You need to be as accurate as possible when planning a new fence, and the best way to ensure this is to be armed with a measuring tape. However, before you start measuring anything, ensure you are armed with your property’s plat so that you can know your boundaries. Most importantly, talk with your neighbors to avoid disputes on property lines and stick to the rules and regulations set by your HOA.


You want to avoid an uneven fence at all costs, and the best way to do this is by using a level to determine your fence line. Remember, you will need fence boards to help check the levels and achieve the desired alignment.

To use a level, you need first to determine where your first fence post will be before driving a fence board in that location. You should then place the level on the fence board and keep adjusting until the bubble in the center vial is perfectly centered. Now you have a starting point that you can use for subsequent posts as you move along your fence line.

3.Spray paint/Chalk

You need spray paint or chalk when outlining your fence and gate locations. This will make it easier to visualise the desired layout and have a reference point during the fence installation.

Use your spray paint or chalk to mark strategic locations, especially areas where you plan to drive fence posts, corners, and spaces for gates.

4.Stakes and strings

Stakes and strings are a must-have when planning a new fence as they help establish lines where your fence will run and check for straightness. Use the areas where you marked using spray paint or chalk as reference points when driving the stakes along the desired line. After doing this, attach the strings, ensuring they are tightly stretched, before inspecting the lines formed to ensure they are straight.


You need a hammer to help you drive stakes and when securing fasteners or nails to the stakes before tying strings. Go for a hammer with a comfortable grip and one that is sturdy enough to drive your stakes into the ground securely.

Final Take

When thinking about installing a new fence, there are a lot of things you must get right from the desired style and fence height to where your gates should go. The best way to do this is by investing your time and effort into the planning phase, and with the above-mentioned tools, you will have a good headstart. 

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