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These days there is no "right" choice that will suit everyone's needs and tastes as not only have peoples taste and preferences changed but also the range for them to choose from.

With this realization comes the excitement of knowing that you could have something completely different from your friends and neighbours, which is perfect if you're the type of person that likes to have unique things to make your house stand out.

Here are just some of the many choices of fences you could have for your home.

Picket Fence

If you have a classic taste for old-style houses then having a white picket fence will be right up your alley, and as an added bonus, picket fences are relatively easy to maintain and keep them looking pristine.

Colourbond Fence

This is an Australian fence staple and has been used for many years, and for good reason since they are great for protection and look great, plus they stand the test of time and are very resilient in the harsh Australian weather.

Chain Wire Fence

Chain wire fences have also been used for years but serve different purposes such as surrounding tennis courts and providing temporary fencing, but they can also be used as permanent fencing if this is your style of fencing.

Decorative Fencing

This kind of fencing is used by those who want a touch of elegance added to their home or gardens and lets people know that you and your home a pure class.

Slats Fencing

Slats is an excellent choice for those who want a nice aesthetically pleasing looking fence since these are completely symmetrical and can come in timber, aluminium and steel material choices so you can customize it to match your home.

Yard Mesh Fencing

Yard mesh is unique as it can be used for multiple purposes such as a garden fencing, pool fencing or just used to secure small portions of your yard.

There are so many options of fences that people can choose from, but there are equally as many fencing contractors that people can choose.

When selecting the fencing contractor that will be both designing and installing your fence, you need to think of the cost, quality and reputation of the contractor you decide to use.

If you live in the Illawarra area, then your number one choice should be Illawarra Fencing Services because we're not only local, but we provide the highest quality fences at the best possible prices so you can get your dream fence without breaking the bank.

We cater to residential, businesses and industrial clients so whatever your fencing needs may be we can help, to get a quote or book a future job call us on 1300 99 33 97.

If you're curious about the work we do, head on over to our website and look through our vast selection of services we can provide you, or jump onto our Facebook page and see some of your past works.


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