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How to Maintain Your Colorbond Fence

How to Maintain Your Colorbond Fence

How to Maintain Your Colorbond Fence21February

Here at Illawarra Fencing Services, we understand that your fence is a vital part of the home. Whether it’s a pool fence or a land fence, we are your local fencing contractor in the Wollongong & Illawarra region.

We have 14 contemporary colours available which you can view here.

Like all things in life, nothing will last as long or look as nice without proper care & maintenance.

Read on to see tips on how you can maintain your Colorbond fence to look as nice as ever before.


Tip 1: Washing

We recommend washing your fence with soap and warm water. You should use a softer sponge rather than a scourer because a scourer not only scratches the fence, but it can cause shiny spots which will look undesirable.


Tip 2: Type of Soap

Avoid soaps which contain large amounts of chemicals. Chemicals can damage your Colorbond fence and cause it to not look as appealing. After cleaning your fence with soap, rinse thoroughly with water to avoid soap patches you may have missed.


Tip 3: Pools

If you have a pool nearby, clean your fence of any pool water which may have splashed - especially during this very hot summer in Wollongong. Bonus tip: keep a washcloth nearby as a reminder and to make this job easier.


Tip 4: Avoid Gardening Fertilisers

While fertilisers are perfect for the garden, the chemicals in fertilisers are very damaging to Colorbond fences. The same applies for garden sprays. Avoid garden fertilisers and sprays on your fence as much as possible.


Tip 5: Don’t Paint Scratches

If you notice small scratches in your fence, your first instinct might be to touch up the area with paint. We do not recommend this as Colorbond fences contain a unique paint which is not easily accessible. Painting a small area of the fence will also cause a patchy look afterwards.


Tip 6: Annoying Graffiti


If you see graffiti on your fence, don’t panic! Most importantly, don’t try to clean this with normal cleaning methods; it will not work. Thankfully, BlueScope Steel has a graffiti remover for Colorbond fences available for purchase.


Tip 7: Avoid Leaning

One of the best things about Colorbond fences is how strong & supportive they are. However, we do not recommend leaning heavy objects on the fence for long periods of time. This can cause dints and even scratches over time.


Tip 8: Low Maintenance

Thankfully, Colorbond fences are low maintenance. With our cleaning tips above, you only really should be cleaning your fence twice a year (more if it’s getting really dirty). With this in mind, it’s not bad for the fence if you clean it a lot more often than twice a year.

What did you think of the maintenance tips above? Did you learn anything new about your current (or potential) Colorbond fence?

Illawarra Fencing Services specialises in all things fence-related.

If you are in need of a fencing contractor in the Wollongong & Illawarra region, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 1300 99 33 97. We can answer questions over the phone.


Comments (4)

  • Liz Hudson

    It's good to know that Colorbond fencing should be cleaned with soft sponges and not anything abrasive like scourers. I have been thinking about having a Colorbond fence installed in my backyard. I will keep these cleaning tips in mind to keep it in good condition once it is installed.

  • Mindy Jollie

    It's good to know that you should wash a colorbond fence with soap and warm water. My brother wants to replace his current fence with something more durable and attractive. He'll have to look into colorbond fencing to see if it's feasible for the things he has in his yard.

  • Adelyn

    hello! we recently had to redo our concrete. today, a man came to clean the mortar that splashed onto our colourbond fence. unfortunately for us, I don't think he realised that he shouldn't have used a coarse sponge. there are scuff marks and white patches on the fences. how do I fix this please?

  • Victoria Addington

    I appreciate you sharing the advice to stay away from soaps with high chemical content when it comes to colorbond fences. Chemicals can harm your colorbond fence and make it less attractive, as you mentioned. My brother has been intending to install one for his property, so I'll be sure to tell him about this and encourage him to look into experts who can help him install one.

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