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There are many choices you have when it comes to fencing around your home, and it can be a tough choice to make with so many options, so in order to help you make the right choice, Illawarra Fencing Services are continuing our series of in-depth blog posts about our various fencing options.
Colourbond fencing is one of those fences that you see so much of around your area but may not know a lot about, so we will outline some things about Colourbond fences to help you decide about your fence.
Here are the pros and cons of having a Colourbond fence.


They look great
Colourbond fences look fantastic with their sleek and symmetrical design that can come in different shades, meaning your Colourbond fence can match the style and look of the rest of your home. This is perfect for those that want their home to stand out against the rest.
They last 
When properly installed and maintained, Colourbond fences can last over 20 years, which is excellent news for anyone who isn't interested in replacing their fence every few years.
Strong and durable 
Colourbond steel is incredibly weather-resistant and will also hold up against most animal damage, making it the strongest choice for you. It's also the smartest choice for anyone living in an area that is frequented by storms.
Low maintenance
Although some maintenance is required to keep the fence looking great and staying strong, it only requires a spray with a hose a few times a year to wash off any harmful debris and fixing any dints that may be present.
Great for protection
Unlike other fencing options, Colourbond fences have no footholds meaning they're very hard to climb making them a deterrent for any would-be thieves or home invaders.
An Australian staple 
You have most likely seen Colourbond fences your entire life and for a good reason, since it has been the number one fence choice for Australians for decades, and it will continue to be the best choice for decades to come.


The expensive option 
Because Colourbond is such an impressive fence, they're the more expensive option, but if you're looking for the best possible fence option, the cost shouldn't matter. When it comes to fences, you really get what you pay for in the end.
The fence you choose is the going to surround and protect your house and your family so you need to choose one that both looks great and will help keep you and your family safe from danger.
It's not only the fence that matters, but the people who install it for you and when it comes to perfectly installing a fence, Illawarra Fencing Services can't be matched.
We take great pride in our work, and our professionalism and customer service are second to none, so if you have any type of fencing needs then call us on 1300 99 33 97 and get that fence you have been dreaming about.

Comments (2)

  • Amy Saunders

    The fact that colorbond fences are highly weatherproof and long-lasting especially in hostile areas really fascinates me, to say the least. My uncle has been trying to keep stray animals away from his fruit farm over the past few weeks to no avail unfortunately. I think he should refer to a professional company to help him install the right barrier sooner or later.

  • Victoria Addington

    I made the decision to do some study on fence installation in order to support my sister, who has expressed interest in doing so for her house. It's great that you mentioned that colorbond fences can last more than 20 years with correct installation and upkeep. This is great news for those who don't want to replace their fence every few years. I believe it would be wise to give this a try, so I will definitely look into colorbond fencing professionals who can assist her in installing one.

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