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Learn more about pros and cons of having a gate for your back fence03December

Your fence is the thing that protects you from would-be intruders, local wildlife as well as keeps your pets and small children safe in your yard. But should you alter your back fence and have a gate installed?

This is a question that many people try to answer since there are many positives to having a gate, but there are also some negatives. You should never let "what ifs" dictate what you should do. If you're concerned about having a gate installed, then have a read of the benefits and see how you feel after.

Some benefits of having a gate for your back fence.

Easy Access

Adding a gate to your back fence is like adding an extra entrance into your house, so there are more options if you accidentally lock yourself out which we have all done at some point. Also, if you need immediate access to your backyard for whatever reason, it’s much easier than going all the way through your house to get there.

If you decide to buy something extravagant such as a boat then you'll need a place to put it when you aren't using it, and having it in your backyard will allow you to keep it safe and a gate means you can move it in and out whenever you need to.

Safer Than You Think

It's not like just anyone can get into your yard if you have a gate, but if you're still concerned, you can buy a lock for it so only a person with the key can have access to it. They also come with ground pegs that when slotted into a hole drilled into the concrete lock the gate in place until someone on the inside pulls it out.

Adds Value to Your House

Adding anything to your house can change the overall value of it, and adding a gate is no exception as many people do like having yards with a lot of access to them.

Think About the Future

You need to always think ahead when making decisions like this and not focus on the here and now, maybe in the future, you'll want some work done on your backyard such as levelling or even some simple concreting. If you have a gate, it means the big machines can have easy access to your yard and won't have to take out a section of your fence just out get in.

Fencing is a trade that many people take for granted, but the people who do the work need to be both experienced and flexible in order to do their job. No other fencing company is as flexible or experienced as Illawarra Fencing Services.

Illawarra Fencing Services does work around the Illawarra and South Coast areas and is the gold standard of the fencing industry. We can help with all your fencing needs so if you require our expertise, call us on 1300 99 33 97 today!


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