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Learn more about why you need to clean your fence23January


A fence is kind of like the final piece of the puzzle that is your house, so once it's installed, you may think that it's the end, but you would be mistaken.

A fence has many purposes, such as protecting your privacy, keeping out unwanted people and animals and keeping in your pets and young children safe and inside. Since your fence has so many responsibilities, it stands to reason that over time it may become worn down or damaged.

It's natural for a fence to degrade over time since nothing lasts forever, but there are several things you can do as the owner to extend the life of your fence.

The main thing you need to do in order to give your fence a longer life is to clean it.

It's an easy enough chore, and you don't need to do it that often, but cleaning your fence a few times a year can help prevent.

  1. Build up

There are so many things that can become stuck or jammed on your fence such as dirt, twigs, rocks, bird droppings, tree sap and anything you happen to spill on it. Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but all these things could damage your fence by eroding it over time.

  1. Stains

We all love to have friends over sometimes and more often than not, things can get out of hand and drinks may be spilt. Spilling anything on your fence can easily stain it if it isn't washed off quickly. There are stain removers that you can buy and use, but it's much easier to clean them off right when they happen.

  1. Future Complications

If you neglect your fence and decide you don't need to wash it, then you are leaving yourself open to a number of problems down the road such as erosion, rust and a weakened structure. But all that could be prevented from just giving it a wash a few times a year.

Doing this is the financially smart thing to do since the costs of fence repair in the future can be expensive, and if the damage is too bad, then you may need to replace the fence completely.

A lot of problems can be solved with just a few washes a year, but then there are a few things that can't be solved by that method. When that happens, you should call the number one fencing experts, Illawarra Fencing Services.

We can provide you with advice, solutions and can even help repair small bits of damage, so to book an appointment or to just ask a question, call us on 1300 99 33 97 today!

Everyone here at Illawarra Fencing Services would like to extend all our positive thoughts to all the volunteer firefighters who are currently battling to save our country. We are all thinking of you and your families.

If you are within the fire zones, please don't take any risks and stay safe.


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