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Fencing around your property is a must for both security and privacy so choosing the right type of fence is very important.

In the current world having a secure fence is a must, but you also want it to match the style of the house it's protecting, and a lot of fence types are very restrictive when it comes to the look and style, but Colorbond fences are different.

The following is a list of benefits of having a Colorbond fence.

  1. Made to last

Unlike wooden fences, Colorbond fences won't be rotted away by the rain or termite infestations and are durable against harsh weather conditions, which is a major selling point if you don't plan on replacing your fence anytime soon.

  1. Choice of style

Most wooden and chain fences have a minimal range of color, but as it implies in the name, Colorbond does not have this issue and comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from. This is especially good if you wish your fence to match the overall house's look and feel.

  1. Safety and privacy

Colorbond fences don't have any type of footholds and are made to be climbing resistant, so they make for very good security fences and are also a solid piece with minimal gaps so your yard will be protected from prying eyes of neighbours and people who are walking by.

  1. Easy to maintain once installed

Like we mentioned in a previous blog, Colorbond fences have relatively low maintenance needs, and you should only have to clean or maintain your fence twice a year, so for anyone who just wants their fence to be ready to go right after installation then a Colorbond fence is for you

  1. It's pleasing to the eyes

Some fences may look dingy and wither over time making for an absolute eyesore, Colorbond fences are of a crisp design and are made to last, so they look both strong and aesthetically pleasing, the straight lines of the design also help in keeping it symmetrical in look for anyone worried about that.


It's not only the type of fence you should be thinking about but the fencing contractors you use, and there are no better contractors than those at Illawarra Fencing Services.

We provide professional tips and services regarding any type of fencing jobs you can think of including fencing supplies, installation and maintenance.

If you're in the Wollongong or Illawarra region and are looking for skilled, friendly and professional fencing contractors, then Illawarra Fencing Services is for you. Armed with our years of experience and our talented contractors we can handle any fencing job you throw at us.

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  • Chainwire Fencing

    The colorbond fence is also very hard and beautiful fencing idea. Thanks for writing this article.

  • Johnny McCarron

    It's good to know that Colorbond fences are made to be climbing resistant. We're looking at buying a home in a new area, but we're worried about burglars. We'll see if we can't get a Colorbond fence installed in our back yard.

  • David Norriss

    I love how you said that colorbond fencing has a wide variety of colors and allows for you tog et a perfect match to your house's exterior design. Homeowners who love to have color unison should consider getting colorbond fencing. I appreciate you explaining what colorbond fencing is and how it can be used.

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